ODA is getting technical, financial and material supports to run its programs /projects and for organizational capacity building. The major partners and supporters of ODA were/are:-


1) Previous


·        Save the Children –USA and  Finland Embassy on ABE,


·        Network of Ethiopian Women’s Associations/SIDA Project on Gender, and FP/RH


·        Education Expertise Center (EEC) on ABE, and


·        Oromia HAPCO /Health Bureau on HIV/AIDS,





2) Current


·        Oxfam America on Emergency Relief and Enhancing Livelihoods,


·        World bank Ethiopian Social Accountability Program ( ESAP2 )


·        KNH-Micro Project Fund for community Development Initiatives on IGAs for youth and women,


·        USAID on Improving the Health Status of children through Education and Communication


·        EU on Decreasing the vulnerability of female children by facilitating integrated supports


·        CSSP on supporting disadvantaged women and disabled persons


·        Educkan Foundation



ODA is also a member of Basic Education Network Ethiopia (BEN-E,) Network of Civil Society Organizations in Oromia and Oromia HIV/AIDS Forum of NGOs and a member of FGM Network and CCRDA



* Name of contact person:


Tel. 011-646-07-15

Mobile 0911-63-89-99

P.O.Box 32709, Addis Ababa

Email: - This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. and ODA2 @

Website: -